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Is Cerelle The Same As Cerazette

He’s. Anyone taking these? Anyone taking these? Cerazette tablets contain desogestrel 75. At this age my periods were beechams all in one tablets regular.. There is no scientific evidence that Cerelle leads to weight gain. I've taken both and not seen a difference what are the difference between the Cerazette and Cerelle contraceptive pills? Hi, is cerelle the same as cerazette I was just wondering if anybody has been in the same or a similar position as me. He’s.

Even the packaging is very is cerelle the same as cerazette similar. Is there a difference between Cerelle and Cerazette? My little boy was born in October, he is very poorly as a result of being starved of oxygen for 26 minutes at birth and subsequently being diagnosed with grade 3 HIE. X. Cerazette is the same as other mini-pills that contain desogestrel 75 micrograms; these include Cerelle, Zelleta and driclor for hands Feanolla. They both contain 75 microgram Desogestrel.

Is Cerelle the same as Cerazette? this is very interesting, my doctors surgery nurse gave me cerelle just over 5 is cerelle the same as cerazette weeks ago, saying that cerazette was not available but this was the same, i was concerned as very happy with my forma contraceptive, i started the pack and sure enough all seemed well until about the 3rd week in, my boobs became very sore, swollen and hot, i have not. You can take it as you wish. Does Cerelle cause weight gain? Cerelle is the same as other mini-pills that contain desogestrel 75 micrograms, including Cerazette and Zelleta. Yes, Cerelle is the generic version of Cerazette.

They contain the same active ingredients and work in the same way. emskyxx Sat 27-Jul-19 10:12:00. In this case, continue to take your tablets each day as normal, but you must also use an additional method, such as a condom, for the next two days Both Cerazette and Cerelle work in the same way to stop ovulation and pregnancy. Cerazette was the first progesterone-only pill that was made only containing desogestrel, the patent on this Cerazette has since lapsed and now many pharmaceutical companies make oral contraceptives using generic desogestrel 75mcg , including Feanolla and Zelleta I've had exactly the same experience with Cerazette/Cerelle - got put on it 8 years ago for painful periods, had a couple of light but painful bleeds a year, and then in the last year I've developed horrible period pains and bleeding lasting up to 2-3 weeks a month..My last period was the end of January crossing over to the beginning of February Doc told me he was putting me on cerazette as was still bleeding even with the implant but picked up pills yesterday and they're called cerelle. Started taking them last nite but worried as I get bad heads & this is apparently a big side effect! is cerelle the same as cerazette

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