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Copper Coil Heavy Periods

I have naturally heavy periods and it just made them horrendous. No hormones, very effective. The second one was just moderate bleeding for 4 days but has now got horribly heavy again on day 5 The copper IUD might increase your period pain and bleeding salbutamol inhaler price or cause bleeding between periods, the ACOG says. and history of heavy or prolonged periods, among others. IUD, or coil. I lasted about 8 months with my copper coil for the same reasons. Adjusting to a copper IUD. i was told it is just part of having the coil, but have night nurse cold and flu a chat with gp if you are not happy xx. Before opting for this (rather invasive) contraceptive solution, I was always warned that my periods might be heavier and more painful than before, despite. Further your ejaculation time will get increased and you will be able to perform better. Copper Coil. Periods can be heavy, and the IUD doesn't help PMT Along with the longer, heavier periods, copper IUDs are also known for inducing very strong menstrual cramps. I had average-to-heavy periods prior to inserting my copper IUD copper coil heavy periods 7 years ago, and have remained about the same, if not slightly heavier/longer. Jan.

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